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3 Things You Should Be Doing in WoW When You’re Not Leveling


The main premise of World of Warcraft is to get your character to max level and then join raids to kill bosses and get the best gear possible. However, not everyone likes playing the end game or they just get bored waiting for raid night. The name of the game is true because it truly is a world of its own. In this world, you can level your professions, earn achievements, and do many other things when you don’t feel like questing or going through another dungeon. Here are some fun things to do when you find yourself bored in WoW.

Exploration Achievements
World of Warcraft is made up of four continents on Azeroth, the Outlands, Draenor, the Maelstrom, and the Broken Isles. Exploration can take a long time, but it’s worth it once you receive all of your achievements. The most difficult exploration achievement to obtain is the one in the Broken Isles since you can’t fly. The easiest way is to make sure you explore an entire zone while questing. The best part about this achievement is that you don’t need to get them all on the same character. You can explore one zone on one character and another on a different one. The achievement progress will add up until you have explored everything.

The World Explorer achievement was released during Mists of Pandaria, so it includes Pandaria, Cataclysm, Outland, Northrend, the Eastern Kingdoms, and Kalimdor. If you need assistance with your achievement, you can download the Explorer! Curse addon. This is especially useful for areas that are difficult to find because the addon will mark them on your map for you, which makes getting your achievement a breeze. Unfortunately, the addon can’t help with Legion exploration, because its last update was during patch 6.0.2.

Farm Boss Mounts

Mounts that drop from bosses are trophies for the World of Warcraft community. Most of these mounts have about a .1% drop rate, making them difficult to get. Getting the mount is just based on luck when you kill the boss. There are many bosses that drop mounts in WoW. You can go legacy raids and dungeons by yourself with you max level character to try and get them. Although most mounts have a low drop rate, there is a handful of 100% drop mounts. Some are from rare world NPC, which still makes them difficult to get. However, others are from dungeons and raids, so you can go get them whenever you want. The CEO of Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, always says to focus on the largest opportunities. You can take that advice into the game by grabbing the guaranteed mounts and working your way down.

One 100% drop mount is the Phosphorescent Stone Drake. This is dropped by a rare NPC named Aeonaxx, who can be found in Deepholm. If you find it and kill it, the mount is yours. The sapphire river beast is the next guaranteed mount. You can find this one from a rare spawn named Silthide in Talador: (Draenor). Then Bronze Drake is an easier mount to get. This is in the dungeon, The Culling of Stratholme. You have to do the dungeon on heroic and kill the Infinite Corruptor before the time runs out. It was a bit more challenging back when it first came out, but now that you can do it on max level, it won’t be a problem. The Amani Battle bear is another guaranteed mount. You can get this one from Zul’Aman. Do the dungeon before the time runs out and loot it from Kasha’s Bag at the end.

The Twilight Drake is a flying mount that can be looted from the Obsidian Sanctum. This was a huge challenge before it became a legacy raid because you have to kill 25-man Sartharion with all three of the drakes still up in order for it to drop. There is also a 10-man mount. If you kill 10-man Satharion with all three drakes up, you will receive the Black Drake. The Time-Lost Proto Drake is one of the most coveted mounts in the whole game. You have to kill the Time-Lost Proto Drake to receive the mount. There is a running joke that its name comes from the fact that you will lose a lot of time farming this mount. The majority of the community has never even seen this rare NPC. However, it can be found in the Storm Peaks if you’re lucky enough.

There are dozens of mounts that you can farm. Here are some of the mounts that you can receive from quest rewards and raids. If you spend a night a week farming mounts, you will have your collection up in no time.


Leveling professions is a great way to pass the time. You can also make some gold off of leveling certain professions. Once you max them out, each profession has the tendency to earn you a lot of gold. For example, if you are a tailor, you can make gear for casters and sell it in the auction house. Inscriptions are making more money than ever off of minor glyphs since the Legion expansion allows people to add glyphs to their spells. Archeology gives you then potential to farm mounts and pets.

World of Warcraft always has something for you to do. If you’re wandering around bored, work on achievements, farm some mounts, or work on one of your professions.


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